BSc in Accounting

Four years $3,000 per academic year



The BSc Accounting programme integrates the theory and practice of accounting and provides a solid foundation for students going into any career in business and finance. The programme is also of value for persons wanting to pursue professional accounting designations. The BSc Accounting programme is geared, in part, towards enabling persons who aspire to become professional accountants to achieve this goal. It is also designed to protect the interest of the public by ensuring that the persons who eventually hold themselves out as accountants have the requisite technical competence, professional skills, professional values, ethics and attitudes.

The BSc Accounting programme seeks to target persons who are currently working in any of the numerous areas in accounting, business or finance within governments, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, private entities and other individuals, including school leavers with an interest in the field.

Admission Requirements

  • High School Diploma: High school certificate, attained within the last five years and with a general high school score of 65% and above.
  • School Entrance Test
  • English Language Proficiency: Minimum English Language requirement is 45 in PTE, 5.5 in IELTS or 64 in ibt-TOEFL.
  • Interview
  • Equalized transcript is required for students who have graduated from international institutions.
  • Conditional Offer may be given to applicants who submit the required minimum score from Versant English Placement Test - Pearson
  • Applicants dismissed for any reason from any university, school or college will not be considered

  • Application Form: Online application is required
  • Official Transcripts: Provide a copy of your official transcript (for applicants who graduated from international institutions, an equalized transcript is required).
  • Certification Letter from High School: Provide an official letter from your High School Confirming your High School Average.
  • A copy of your Passport/ID
  • One passport size photo


The BSc in Accounting is a four-year programme. Each year is divided into two semesters, with normally four modules taught each semester. Typically, the first year of the programme are devoted to concepts and theories, mixed with the development of practical and applied skills, utilizing social formats such as discussions, debates, negotiations and presentations. The last 3 years are spent exposing the student to critical thinking, real-world practical experience and developing the required knowledge and skills to success in the workforce.

If you are applying to study accounting as an undergraduate student, you would be required to complete a summer or spring internship for a bachelor’s in accounting. As a student completes the introductory curriculum, putting the curriculum to use is important to really prepare for the real professional world. Internships are great opportunities where you can get that real-world experience you cannot get while you are sitting in the classroom or taking academic tests

In the final year, students are required to write a 12,000-word research dissertation. Under the current school structure, the programme shares some modules of its first two years with the Bachelor of Business and Management.

Skills Development

Holders of this degree have the opportunity to work in both the private and public sectors within Kurdistan. The program aims to develop a critical understanding of modern accounting analysis. develop quantitative, communications and information technology skills, and the ability to apply those skills in an accounting context. In addition, the program by encouraging research skills, communication skills and confidence in problem recognition and solving and prepare students for career and training opportunities in both accounting and related professions – in both the private and public sectors; voluntary organizations; and to prepare those interested in postgraduate study for the transition to an increasingly independent regime of study and research.

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