Workshop on Accounting Software Which Helps Students Improve Abilities as Accountants and Managers

November 29, 2021

The Career Development Centre conducted a workshop for the students in the school of Business and Management.

The workshop was organized to discuss an Accounting Software which helps to improve students abilities as accountants and managers.

The workshop covered the following points:

  • Different types of accounting softwares
  • How to choose a suitable accounting software
  • Common points in different accounting software
  • Introduce different parts of one accounting software

The Workshop Presented by Mr. Omid Mansoori , Mr. Mansoori has M.A. in general accounting, a finance manager with more than ten years of practical experience in different types of businesses including pharmaceutical, oil services, cement industry, dairy, and general trading. He has experience in different types of accounting software including windows based, web-based, ERP, and non-ERP software)