UKH Student Union Election

December 12, 2021

Nearly two-thirds of our students recently voted for a new Students’ Union President and Cabinet following a period of inactivity due to Covid. The UKH Student Union is an independent, neutral organization that is free from any external influence. It promotes the social, entertainment, academic, and professional activities of the students.

President Bill Rammell commented: “Covid suffocated so much social life and collective activity. The pandemic is not over yet but the very high turnout for these elections indicates a desire to get back to some form of normality, albeit carefully. Some countries would be proud of such a high participation in elections.”

Rammell also added that Universities are not merely about receiving tuition but taking part in activities that advance sporting and intellectual activities as varied as chess and debating with students from other universities.

“University managers always welcome informed input from the students and their union. I look forward to meeting the Union Cabinet in the near future. I know from my own experience as a former Students’ Union President in Cardiff that it changed my life for the better.” He continued. 

The new President and the wider team will find that it enriches their lives and they can also help make UKH a better place to be a student.

Past union activities have also helped people outside the university in an orphanage and to improve the environment. The Union has helped our students to be ambassadors in vital events such as marking International Women’s Day in March. 

Aland Zebary, UGII student of Computer Science was elected as president of the Student Union. He voiced his happiness for his election as well as the high turnout from his fellow students. Aland who has embraced a motto for his election campaign “together we lead”, reiterated his commitment to include all the students in his plans and represent all students regardless of their differences. “I promise you all I will be up to the occasion” he said.