UKH-SoM to Host Special Workshop on Kurdish Hospital Receivers for Chemical Incidents

October 6, 2022

The School of Medicine (SoM) at the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) is glad to host a special workshop titled “Kurdish Hospital Receivers for Chemical Incidents”, in cooperation with Health Security Partners (HSP) on 14 and 15th October 2022.

The purpose of this workshop is to codify chemical incident response among Kurdish hospitals. This workshop aims to leverage the CBRNE medical countermeasures training provided in 2021 to actualize changes in operating procedures and best practices, thereby supporting effective containment and preventing the further spread of any chemical incident.

The workshop will train 35 personnel in chemical incident response and preparedness from the Directorates of Health and Barzani Charity Foundation Hospitals in Duhok, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah.

The two-day workshop will take place at the academic building in SoM and will include opening and closing remarks, special sessions, roundtable discussions and other activities delivered by UKH-SoM, HSP and staff from other academic and professional institutions.

Click here for event agenda.