Colonel Myles Caggins Lecture at UKH

May 24, 2023

Colonel Myles Caggins, former communication director and senior spokesman for Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria and former Director for Strategic Communication at the National Security Council at the White House visited UKH on Tuesday 23 May 2023.  He delivered an insightful lecture to our masters student in Diplomacy and International Law and Politics and International Relations students.

Colonel Myles spoke about his career in the US military for 26 years and answered questions the US role in Iraq, Kurdistan, Syria and Northeast Syria (Rojava) and the broader Middle East.

He also gave students a press conference writing exercise to develop via artificial intelligence-based applications.

Ms. Narin Biryar, who is a political activist and Kurdish affairs campaigner in the US, also participated in the lecture and gave an interesting talk about the intersection of international relations and artificial intelligence.