Dissertations and Thesis

Local Dissertations and Thesis

The University Library is proud to make accessible to its customers the full text version of all its master and doctorate dissertations and thesis held (written by staff and students) via our forthcoming e-thesis portal. External users will only have access to the abstracts and bibliographic record.

Hard copy dissertations and thesis remain available in the library for ‘Reference’ use. Unless there is more than one copy, then borrowing of second and subsequent copies is permitted. Staff items, where we hold them, are catalogued and shelved according to the relevant awarding body. Dissertations from the Kurdistan region are all shelved together at 378.5672 in order of their departmental subject and then the author’s last name.

UKH Dissertations/thesis style guide

All dissertations and thesis produce by UKH students and/or staff should follow the style guide approved by UKH Postgraduate Board. This is to ensure quality and consistency of output coming from the university. The following thesis/dissertation presentation guideline and thesis/dissertation template will help you in writing our dissertation/thesis.

International Dissertations and Thesis
If you wish to search for dissertations and thesis from elsewhere in the world might we suggest you start with the following sites:

DART-Europe is a partnership of research libraries and library consortia who provide global access to European research theses through a single European.

The Digital Archive @ Georgia State Library administers the archive to collect, organise, disseminate, and preserve the digital scholarly output of Georgia State University faculty, students and staff.

Ethos is a UK wide dissertation database run by the British Library which requires that you register before you can download any full text item. There are over 400,000 dissertations listed but not all are available free of charge.

London School of Economics PHD thesis

OATD.org aims to be the best possible resource for finding open access graduate theses and dissertations published around the world. Metadata (information about the theses) comes from over 1000 colleges, universities, and research institutions.

Princeton Doctoral dissertations

Trove: the site of the National Library of Australia also allows access to dissertations and thesis.