Library Rules and Regulations – Library Summary Statement and Document

  1. All members of the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) are entitled to use the Library upon registration. The act of registration constitutes an undertaking to accept the Library Rules.  Where there is any conflict between the Rules of the Library and the Rules of the University, the latter are to prevail.
  2. Users of the Library must possess a valid UKH Identity Card as it must be produced on request to access a variety of services, specifically the borrowing of materials and to book quiet study rooms. This card should not be used by anyone other than the named cardholder as all items issued on it are the responsibility of the cardholder.  This card must be surrendered if the holder ceases to be a member of the University.  A lost card will be replaced upon application to the Registry, but a fee will be charged. 
  3. Library users must inform staff immediately of every change of contact information (email and/or phone number) so that the currency of their records is maintained. If this is not done, the Library cannot be held responsible for any consequences of non-delivery of overdue reminders, recall notices, etc.
  4. All borrowers must return items issued in their names on or before the latest date or time due. Any item may be recalled after its issue as and when required.  Failure to return items by due date will render borrowers liable to fines on the scale as follows: IQD 1,000 per item, per day, or part there of
  5. Students are required to return all items borrowed in their names not later than the day following the end of the period set aside for final examinations. Failure to comply with this requirement will be reported to the Academic Board, which may withhold the award examination grades or degree.
  6. Library material must not be taken abroad at any time.
  7. Any library item in the library may be made reference, or issued only for a limited period, at the discretion of the Library Director.
  8. Borrowers are held responsible for loss of, or damage to, items issued in their names and will be charged for such items.
  9. No Library item may be removed unless properly issued.
  10. If any fine imposed is not paid, the Library staff will withdraw the right to borrow. If the fine remains unpaid after a lapse of twenty-eight days from such a withdrawal, the matter will be referred to the appropriate University Disciplinary Officer who shall act within the Rules of the University.  Such a hearing by the University Disciplinary Officer will be solely for the determination of the penalty.  The person against whom the fine or compensation order is imposed may address the Disciplinary Officer only in mitigation of penalty.
  11. Where a Library user considers that s/he should not be required to pay the fine imposed or replacement cost, he or she may invoke the Appeals Procedure. (See Registrar’s Office)
    1. Access to and use of, the Library’s subscription-based electronic resources are subject to contractual agreements and licenses with vendors, which normally impose restrictions on use. All users of these resources must comply with such terms of use, and in particular with copyright restrictions and limitations placed on the amounts that may be downloaded or stored electronically.
    2. Users bringing children into the Library are responsible for their safety and for ensuring that they cause no disturbance or damage. Children aged 12 or under must be accompanied, at all times, by a responsible adult.
    3. All users of the library must follow instructions given by any member of the Library staff on duty at the time; all Library staff act with the authority of the Library Director.
    4. No Library user may bring into the Library any unduly large bag or case, article of food or drink, or any animal (except guide dogs).
    5. The consumption of food and drink is not permitted in the public areas of the Library, except water in a secure bottle.
    6. Mobile phones and personal stereos must be switched off or silenced before entering the Library and should not be used in the Library.
    7. It shall be a breach of these Rules for a person to behave in the Library in a manner which adversely affects other users of the Library. The Library Director may:
      • exclude the offender forthwith from the Library
      • withdraw the right to borrow items
    8. Alleged breaches of any of the above Rules not dealt with immediately by Library staff may be investigated by the Library Director or by an authorised deputy. Such an investigation may be referred to the appropriate University Committee.
    9. Serious or persistent breaches of the Library Rules may be referred to the appropriate University Committee for action.
      1. Non-members of UKH may use the Library provided they have the prior permission of the Director of the Library. The following conditions of use must apply:
        • All visitors must have a valid user ID with photo and have given a home or residence contact address to the Library
        • All visitors must observe the UKH Library rules and regulations set out in 12 – 20 above (as applicable)
        • Visitors may NOT borrow library materials; they may use materials only in the Library
        • All visitors must accept that priority of use of Library materials and services by UKH students and staff