About the Library

The purpose of the library is to serve students, faculty, staff and residents of Hewlêr, Kurdistan, and the international community that are interested in Kurdistan’s affairs. 

We have created a research and discovery environment and provide resources for all communities by collecting, organising, preserving and making more easily available diverse learning and knowledge resources.

To that end we aim to – 

  • Be a national and international leader in providing library services for UKH students, faculty, staff and residents of Hewler
  • Form an integral part of the University’s teaching, research and services locally, nationally and globally
  • Recognise and support diversity and multiculturalism in the campuses and beyond
  • Collaborate and partner with local, national and international libraries and organisations
  • Be a creative leader in providing access to information resources and retrieval of information
  • Actively lead in the development of library and library services to a diverse community
  • Be a vigorous advocate of academic and intellectual freedom

We are open to members of the wider Kurdistan community for both enquiries and borrowing, please contact us for further details.



Semester Opening Hours

Sunday to Thursday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Closed Eid al-Adha

Closed from Sunday 16th to Thursday 20th June, Re-opening on normal hours Sunday 23rd June.
Lesley A. Gaj
Governance and Management
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