Natural Resources Engineering and Management (NREM)


Iraq is a major player in the global oil and gas market where it supplies millions of barrels of oil annually to the world in order to meet the energy demands. This makes the oil and gas sector the backbone of national economy with more than 90% contribution to the national income. The ever-expanding oil and gas industry is always in need of skilled manpower which can only be produced through high quality education, training and research.

The University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) established one of the best Petroleum Engineering Programmes in Kurdistan in 2013. This programme offers high quality education, research and training on petroleum industry operations such as oil and gas exploration, drilling operations, completions, well testing and logging, reservoir studies, reservoir simulation and other production operations. The programme is aiming at providing the best possible education in petroleum engineering, enabling the graduates to function actively in multi-disciplinary teams and solve open ended problems by integrating information and data from multiple sources.

What we offer

We have efficient faculty, effective learning technologies, and superior facilities in the region for a very conductive learning environment. Students are exposed to real world challenges by different methods of teaching and assessment. We also arrange frequent field visits and work on offering our students comprehensive internships with industry to get them acquainted with the petroleum industry practices, work culture and professional ethics. We have a very strong alumni network and industry academic collaboration.

Career Opportunities

Petroleum Engineering graduates have challenging career opportunities in global petroleum industry. They are hired by multinational companies like Schlumberger, British Petroleum, GazProm, Oil Hunt, Chevron, ExxonMobil and many others for oil and gas operations. The petroleum engineering graduates with advanced qualifications also opt for academic and research sector in the public and private academic institutions and research organizations. Furthermore, the public sector, Ministries of Oil and Natural Resources are also in need of petroleum professionals.

Professional Bodies

The petroleum engineering professional bodies like Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Union of Engineers and American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) help students and professional to develop their abilities and enhance their knowledge through trainings, conferences and workshops. UKH is an active member of all these professional bodies.