UKH Senior Engineering Students Prepare for Future Careers

May 21, 2023

The UKH Career Development Centre (CDC), in collaboration with the Kurdistan Engineering Syndicate, hosted a seminar exclusively designed for final stage engineering students. Its primary purpose was to provide comprehensive insights into various aspects of the engineering profession. The seminar covered essential topics such as engineering ethics, syndicate membership, the demands of the Kurdistan job market, and regulations pertaining to engineers.

A key objective of the seminar was to provide students with a deeper understanding of ethical considerations in engineering and to instill a commitment to uphold high professional standards in them.

The event also emphasized the importance of syndicate membership, highlighting its benefits and empowering students to make informed decisions about their future professional affiliations.

Moreover, the seminar addressed the specific requirements and trends within the Kurdistan job market, ensuring students were well-prepared for their transition into the workforce after graduation. It also provided comprehensive information on the rules and regulations governing the engineering profession, equipping students with a solid foundation to navigate legal frameworks and guidelines throughout their careers.