CDC and Rutledge Provide HSE Training to UKH Petroleum Students

March 8, 2023

The Career Development Centre (CDC) at the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) recently collaborated with Rutledge Omni Services to provide Health Safety and Environment (HSE) training to Petroleum Engineering Students.

Rutledge is a leading oil company in Kurdistan Region of Iraq and hosted this one-day training opportunity at their offices.

The training programme was designed to enhance the employability skills of the students, boost their curriculum vitae, and prepare them for their upcoming summer internships. In addition, the programme provided the students with valuable knowledge and skills to ensure safety in the workplace.

The training was conducted on March 8, 2023, and was a great success. The students had the opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain hands-on experience in HSE procedures. The programme covered a wide range of topics, including hazard identification, risk assessment, emergency response, and safety equipment.

At the end of the training, the students received certificates of completion for H2S safety Course training. This certification will be a valuable addition to their resumes and will increase their chances of getting hired in the future.

Overall, this collaboration between CDC and Rutledge Omni Services provided an excellent opportunity for UKH students to enhance their skills and knowledge in HSE.