Exploring Barzan: A Journey with UKH Postgraduate Students to the Barzan Area and the Barzani National Memorial Museum

By Naz Baker

Barzan is a charming town located in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region. It offers guests an incredible view of the surrounding landscapes as it is tucked away within the magnificent Zagros Mountains. It is a well-liked vacation spot for hikers and nature seekers due to the area’s natural splendour, which draws both visitors and residents.

The architecture and regional customs of the town reflect its rich historical and cultural legacy. All across Barzan, traditional Kurdish homes with their characteristic designs can be seen, showcasing the region’s distinctive style. Visitors get the chance to fully experience Kurdish culture by partaking in local food and interacting with the welcoming population. But Barzan has historical significance for the Kurdish people in addition to its visual appeal. For example, Sheikh Ahmed Barzani, the well-known Kurdish leader who was instrumental in the Kurdish people’s fight for autonomy, was born and raised there and was followed by a long list of leaders, brave fighters, and key figures.

The directorate of postgraduate studies at UKH took the students on a trip to the Barzan area to enjoy the place and visit “The Barzani National Memorial Museum.” The Barzani National Memorial Museum is a major historical location in Kurdistan.

The museum is a commemoration of Mullah Mustafa Barzani, who was a well-known Kurdish nationalist leader throughout the 20th century. Mullah Mustafa Barzani was a key figure in the fight for Kurdish rights and autonomy. The memorial honours his services to the Kurdish cause and remembers the sacrifices made by the Kurdish people in their fight for self-determination. It serves as a symbol of Kurdish identity and struggle. The location has a magnificent monument and museum that displays items, images, and records related to Barzani’s life and the Kurdish cause. Inspiring pride and cohesion among the Kurdish community and beyond, visiting the Barzani National Memorial offers an insight into the long history and tenacity of the Kurdish people.

UKH postgraduate students had a very pleasant and informative trip to the Barzan area and the Barzani National Memorial Museum. In addition, they got an opportunity to get to know each other closely, taking pictures, spending entertaining moments together, and enjoying a bonus boat trip in Rezan.

At first, they visited the Barzani National Memorial Museum. Mr. Amed Demirhan, who was the founder of the UKH library back in the day and current supervisor of the museum, provided brief background information about the Kurdish history and geographical areas of Kurdistan, and then the students watched an informative documentary video about General Mulla Mustafa Barzani and his family. In the end, Mr. Amed presented some important battles handled by General Mulla Mustafa Barzani and his belongings, providing information for each.

The second part of the trip was visiting the Rezan River and a restaurant. UKH PG students sat by the river, enjoyed the view, and enjoyed the taste of fresh fish with a local famous and delicious diluted yoghurt called Zom. It tasted so delicious that some students preferred to buy some for their families. It tasted so delicious that some students preferred to buy some for their families.

At the end of the trip, they had a boat tour, singing traditional songs, capturing great moments together, and then enjoying the sunset on the way back to Erbil.