Embracing New Beginnings: UKH’s Academic Year Induction and Reorientation Days

By Derin Baqi

After a long summer filled with eagerness, stress, and excitement, an email lights up the phone screen: ‘Dear UKH freshmen, are you ready for your introduction day?’ This is the time of the year when individuals come together with enthusiastic minds and optimistic hearts to embark on a journey that will shape their destinies.

PG Induction Day

The PG induction day began with welcome notes from the President and Vice President. Following that, the Director of Graduate Studies gave a brief seminar on UKH’s history and current status. Subsequently, introductions to key individuals in each school took place, including the dean, program director, PG coordinator, and school administration. Additionally, an overview of support departments such as the registry, library, IT, health, alumni, PRMC, CDC, counsellor, and MC coordinator was provided.


Right to Left: Prof. Dr. Keith Sharp (President), Prof. Dr. Dana Mawlood (Vice President), Dr. Bayar (Dean of External Engagement & Research). 

Following that, the postgraduate students embarked on a campus tour, visiting both the Academic Building and the White Building..

Upon their return, the students participated in a crash course led by the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Ghaith Al-Abdallah. This session focused on the significance of organizing schedules and time management for postgraduate students, offering valuable guidance on balancing academic pursuits with professional and social responsibilities, especially for adult learners.

Dr. Ghaith Al-Abdallah (Director of Graduate Studies). 

The day concluded with a coffee break and ice-breaking activities facilitated by the Directorate of Graduate Studies. The next day, postgraduate students attended an orientation session covering UKH’s academic policies, the registration process, and the utilization of library and IT resources.

UG Induction Day

UKH’s induction day not only signals the beginning of the academic journey but also marks the start of a year filled with new friends, exciting activities, trips, parties, and the formation of lifelong memories. For high school students who have just completed their year 12 exams and may be feeling exhausted from all their hard work, UKH makes it all worthwhile.

The UG induction day commenced with a welcoming speech by the university’s president and vice president. Subsequently, each school was introduced, featuring brief greetings from the deans and introductions of key individuals such as faculty members and school administrators. Following that, there was a concise overview of various support departments, encompassing registry, library, IT, health, alumni, PRMC, CDC, counselors, and the MC coordinator.

Right to Left: Prof. Dr. Tarik Rashid, Prof. Dr. Dana Mawlood

After the presentation of crucial information about the university and its schools, the students embarked on a campus tour, visiting both the Academic Building and the White Building. Following the tour, they enjoyed a lunch break, during which the UKH music band, under the direction of Dr. Hiwa Talat, provided live music entertainment in the garden.

The newcomers were then encouraged to participate in games, tournaments, and exhibits to better acquaint themselves with one another and foster social connections. Walking through the decorated garden and observing students from diverse backgrounds getting to know each other underscored how refreshing the air of diversity was to inhale and how precious it was to enrich their souls with these experiences.

The Induction Day is not merely an event at UKH; it is a rite of passage towards your future. Henna design, trivia, chess games, etc., were all part of this special day to welcome back the students in more interactive and enjoyable ways. The significant difference is that as the day draws to a close, and students head back home, their hearts are filled with excitement, reflecting on the progress they’ve made and anticipating what lies ahead. They realize that they are no longer newcomers but have become part of a large, welcoming family that will greet the newcomers on Introduction Day. The next day, the newcomers had an orientation session in which they were introduced to the main UKH academic policies and procedures. They learned about the educational resources available for them in general and then, school by school as well.

UKH also celebrates its current students

Another welcome day was organized specifically for students who are already a part of the university. The purpose of this day is to welcome students back to the world of knowledge, friends, and diversity. The most important common factor within these two specific days is that, whether it is Induction Day or Welcome Day, the aim is always to serve the purpose of preparing students for a challenging yet successful future.

In conclusion, the induction and orientation days at UKH is a crucial event that marks the start of an exciting academic journey for both postgraduate and undergraduate students. It is a day filled with introductions, campus tours, informative sessions, and social interactions that pave the way for a successful university experience. This event, observed as a tradition for both newcomers and returning students, embodies the university’s commitment to preparing students for a challenging yet rewarding future. It emphasizes the value of knowledge, friendship, and diversity within the academic community.