UKH’s Inspiring Architectural Transformation: Blending Tradition, Innovation, and Defying Space Constraints

By Raza Soran

Being established 16 years ago in the centre of the traditional part of the city, the space available for expansion will become a serious problem for any institution. Not welling to change its current remarkable location that symbolises more than a location for UKH, for any observer seeing the new architecture of UKH, one can feel the values of the university being represented through this brilliant project. The renovation of the main UKH buildings has captured a unique aesthetic charm. Its attractive red brick walls symbolise culture and tradition, with experts adding that it “creates an inviting and visually appealing campus environment”. What is equally important is that grey marble is a modern element that reflects UKH’s greatest quality of progressiveness and modernity. This mirrors the beautiful blend of UKH being a merger between tradition and modernism.

UKH’s key element is its innovation, and it couldn’t present it better with its ability to accommodate a large number of students on the limited land available. This is done perfectly with the smart infrastructure design in place. To make the most of the available space, UKH has implemented careful planning and design for academic buildings and facilities. While also providing multi-purpose rooms, well-organised classrooms, and efficient use of vertical space. This is topped off with its clever flexible scheduling, which helps to decrease the demand for classrooms and common areas. As professionals have commented, “UKH has one of the most efficient and flexible
schedules in the field.”

To add to the livelihood of the main campus, UKH has renovated its cafeteria. The muted tones promote a calm and relaxed ambiance, while the bright colours create a positive and lively atmosphere. Making it the ideal ambiance to study or socialise in. Many UKH students are looking forward to the memories soon to be encapsulated in this work of art.

In exciting relevant news, UKH has opened a new branch mainly for the business and management school, aka “The White Building” in place of the previous restaurant “Mali Daykm”. The building went through a complete makeover to become a stateof- the art educational facility.

In the same vein, but a little far from the main campus, a new pharmacy building is being built on the School of Medicine campus. When the dean of the School of Medicine, Dr. Teshk Shawis, was asked why they decided to build a new pharmacy building, his response was “As part of a strategic plan for the school to match the expansion in the number of students and courses that are delivered and to include modern laboratories, workshops, and study areas for the students”. It was also elaborated that the aim for expansion was prevalent throughout this school, as the dean has been quoted saying “There has been continued renovation and maintenance of our teaching facilities and offices to accommodate any changes in the number of students and academic staff”. So much so that even the building of UKHs’ hospital was to aid the expansion of the campus. Lastly, what medical students can look forward to in the future is an “increased green area in the landscape of the school”.