Teacher Training Course TOT

Course Objectives: This course aims to:

  • Help the trainees to improve their teaching techniques and expand their classroom repertoire.
  • Provide the trainees with the principles of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) and the way to apply them.
  • Help the trainees to create & deliver more dynamic and interactive lessons.
  • Train the trainees on teaching the four skills: listening, reading, speaking, & writing.
  • Train the trainees on teaching the three sub-skills: vocabulary, grammar, & pronunciation.

Course Outcomes: At the end of the course, the participants should be able to:

  • Understand the basic principles of Communicative Language Teaching.
  • Be able to plan lessons in a professional, organized way.
  • Have the tools to continue their research in ELT.
  • Feel more confident in their classroom environment.
  • Have the skills and knowledge to become successful English teachers.

Training Strategies: The following training strategies will be adopted for this course:

  •  Expository lectures
  • Pair work and group work
  • Research
  • Class participation
  • Demo lessons

Training Duration  Languages
5 Days/Per week – 2 hours per day English


Trainer Biography: Maher Haramy is a lecturer in English at the University of Kurdistan Hewler. He was an IELTS instructor at Aston American University. He has a BA in English Language and Literature, a Diploma in Literary Studies, an MA in Translation, a CELTA, a TESOL Certificate, and a TEFL Certificate. In addition to teaching, he is also a published poet and translator.

Certification: Receive a training certificate from UKH-PEEC.