Student Life

Student Clubs

UKH students create, run and lead many clubs at the university, which includes, but not limited to, Book Club, Music Club, Chess Club, Arts Club, Debate Club and other activity groups such as Beyond Politics at the Department of Politics & International Relations.

The Book Club

A group of UKH Business & Management students established a student led Book Club which aims to cultivate a reading habit among UKH students.

Book Club members will read a book per month and meet afterwards to discuss the book they’ve read and the club is open for students from all other majors to join.

Beyond Politics

Beyond Politics is a student led initiative at the Department of Politics & International Relations. The aim of the initiative is to give interested students a chance to organize events, seminars, open panel discussions and webinars with politicians, media figures and lawmakers on various contemporary interesting issues.

Events and Festivals

Events such as symposiums, conferences, workshops, seminars and festivals such as Spring, Korean, Food and Film festivals are held throughout the year.

Student Union (UKHSU)

UKH Student Union (UKHSU) is a student organization which was established on January, 27, 2008. It offers equal opportunities for all its members; regardless of nationality, religion, political affiliation or any other distinction. UKHSU is established to support UKH students so as to enable them to increase their knowledge and develop the academic process.

Students for Students

The Student Union promotes the social, entertainment, academic and professional activities of the students, for the students and by the students. They operate in accordance with the SU’s principles under the slogan ‘Students for Students’.

Student Council

The UKH Student Union (SU) is run by a president-elect and six officers. Together they make up the Student Council to administer and provide support in student affairs.