MA in International Commercial Law

Two Years $3,000 per academic year


The mission of our University is to be the leading higher educational institution in the Region. We seek to contribute to the social, intellectual, economic, cultural, public and industrial development of Kurdistan and Iraq as a whole. The University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) teaches in English and applies academic and teaching standards and practices that are comparable with those of international universities. When conducting business globally, international and multinational companies frequently run into governance and legal challenges. There are now more foreign and multinational businesses in the KRI, necessitating the need for more local solicitors with strong expertise in international commercial law. Currently, there are not enough human resources available in this field of expertise. In a ground-breaking move, the School of Social Sciences—which boasts an international faculty of extraordinarily gifted, committed scholars and subject-matter experts—aims to increase the human resources required in this field of expertise by launching the M.A. in International Commercial Law in the autumn of 2024. This programme enables students across KRI and Iraq to examine the fundamental legal framework for addressing these challenges. With our M.A. in International Commercial Law, students will gain a deeper understanding of the laws pertaining to investments, natural resources, the environment, commerce, comparative contracts and dispute resolution in today's global marketplace.

Admission Requirements

  • Grade Requirement Minimum undergraduate grade average of 60%.
  • Completion of an undergraduate degree from a recognised university at the Bachelor level (or equivalent) in law, OR a. The University accepts any other relevant field provided that such field has its major in law (subject to the school’s assessment and approval). b. Students from other non-relevant fields can still apply for the programme, but they will receive a professional postgraduate (Masters) degree rather than an academic postgraduate (Masters) degree.
  • For students who have graduated from international institutions: a. The degree and transcript must be equalised according to the KRI or Iraqi rules and regulations.
  • References: Two references which indicate capacity to undertake postgraduate studies, at least one of which will be from an academic who has taught the applicant.
  • Note! Applicants dismissed for any reason from any university, school or college will not be considered.

  • The Online Application Form (required).
  • Official transcripts: Provide a copy of your official transcript (for applicants who graduated from international institutions, an equalised transcript is required).
  • A copy of your Passport and national ID.


Skills Development

1) The key aim of this degree scheme is to produce high quality graduates who are able to think critically and creatively and are able to apply their acquired knowledge to the developmental challenges of the region and beyond. 2) Graduates learn the fundamentals of international commercial law. 3) Graduates develop a deeper understanding of how international legal frameworks are used to address specific issues and problems facing international businesses today. 4) Graduates become familiar with the various regional economic blocs and their legal frameworks for business and commerce. 5) Graduates gain more insight into current legal developments and scholarly discussions.

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