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MSc in Information Technology Management


The programme aims at fostering leaders to be able to analyse, establish and carry out the development strategies for businesses, industries and countries by combining the knowledge of economics, management and policy with their own expertise and experiences in technology.

The programme is designed to prepare the graduate students to acquire capabilities needed to manage organisations in the era of information age.

The knowledge and skills provided in this programme will generate a valuable supply of skilled labour to the public and private sectors, where the candidates are expected to hold key positions in the Kurdistan’s society. The idea behind this programme is to study and explore different ways in which information technology relates to organisational objectives and goals in an organisational context, given the increasing interrelationship between these two in today’s global world.


The Master in IT Management is a two year programme consisting of 180 credits; eight taught modules each worth 15 credits and 60 credit for dissertation. Normally, students study 3 modules in first two semesters; two along with dissertation in third semester and continue working on dissertation during 4th semester. Semesters are 15 week blocks and there will be an equivalent of a 3-hour class for each 15 credit course per week. Students obtaining 180 credits will be eligible for Master of Science certificate in IT Management.


The course programme is divided into two parts: IT related courses which cover 5 courses and Business and Management related courses which cover 3 courses.

In total 8 courses will be taught during the program in addition to research methodology and dissertation.


1.      IT related Courses

 ·         Big Data

·         Introduction to IT Management

·         IT Services Management

·         Methodologies for Market analysis of Innovative Technological Products

·         ICT Regulations, Policies, and Cyber Security

2.      Business Related Courses

·         Economics of Information Technology, Polices and Pricing

·         Introduction to Business and Management I

·         Introduction to Business and Management II

Skills Development

MSc in IT Management providing knowledge and skills necessary for analysing the relationship between technology, management and leadership, industry, innovation, and economic growth. Import, learning and modification of technology will affect expansion of current businesses, formation of new businesses, as well as increased competitiveness of firms and markets. The programme helps to integrate aspects of technology, economy, management, and market on the study of the complex process of identification of important technologies, their learning, management, modification and a successful market introduction of a new or modified product, processes and services. 


The assessment methods are designed both to reflect and demonstrate the outcomes of intended learning and to support the aims of producing a generation of researchers or specialised and skilled professionals. Students are assessed via a wide range of methods (written exam, assignment, laboratory reports, quizzes, oral presentations and problem solving exercises) in order to ensure the development of an extensive range of abilities and skills over the duration of the programme. Finally, the dissertation or other output from research/project work, which may include artifacts (products) as well, will represent one third of the whole assessment.

Admission Criteria

Admission Requirements for Master’s Degree are:

1.    A minimum of a second class, division 1 honours degree (2:1) or equivalent from a recognized university (equating to a score of 60% or above from a UK Institution, 67% from UKH or an Iraqi Institution, or a GPA of 3.0 or above from an American Institution).

2.    A second class, division 2 honours degree (2:2) which equates to a 50-59% or above in a UK Institution or 58-66% in UKH or an Iraqi Institution, accompanied by:      

a.    A relevant professional qualification at an equivalent level and/or

b.    Substantial relevant professional experience.

3.    Minimum English Language requirement is 50 in PTE6 in IELTS or 74 in ibt-TOEFL.  

4.    Interview

Tuition Fee

5000 USD per academic year

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