According to the agreement, both institutions aim to exchange undergraduate and graduate students and encourage their staff members to spend periods at the partner institution for teaching and research. As part of the student exchange, UKH Postgraduate student Dana Abdulkareem Hasan spend over two months in BTU for research and training and he was awarded the “Green Belt” in Six Sigma Quality Management Certificate. 

On January 14, 2022 Hasan delivered a seminar to UKH staff on Six Sigma Training. The programme aims to increase customer satisfaction by targeting to have almost defect-free or produce one defect per million opportunities. In this seminar, extensive details about the programme was provided, including the presenter’s experience as a participant.


Dana Abdulkareem Hasan has M.Sc. degree in Petroleum Engineering from UKH. He worked as a head of department and teacher in a private oil and gas institute before joining UKH. He is Teaching and Laboratory Assistant in the Reservoir Simulation Laboratory since 2016. Hasan assists undergraduate and postgraduate students, who conduct research, on software related to Reservoir Simulation. He gives training for required groups of students from various institutes and companies, coordinates with other module leaders who might need to use some applications of petroleum simulators available in the laboratory, and assists students with their individual projects. In 2021, Dana attended training on the Six Sigma Green Belt in Cottbus, Germany and is now a Certified Green and Yellow Belt Six Sigma.