Kurdistan National Flag Day Commemoration at UKH

January 17, 2022

UKH students and staff, mostly wearing colourful traditional costumes, commemorated the Kurdistan National Flag Day and proudly hoisted the flag of Kurdistan on Thursday 16 December 2021.

The event started with few words from UKH President Bill Rammell, who said that December 17th is a historic day the flag of Kurdistan symbolizes diversity, sacrifice and freedom for it’s people. “On this day, we remember and pay tribute to all the martyrs who shed their blood to free Kurdistan” he continued.

Later on, two UKH students raised the flag while and all the attendees stood a moment of silence while the national anthem of Kurdistan “Ey Reqgib” being played.

December 17 was designated as Kurdistan National Flag Day by the Parliament of Kurdistan and is being widely celebrated across the region.

Kurdistan Flag is officially recognized by the Kurdistan Parliament and it is a symbol of great national pride for the people of Kurdistan. Known as “Ala Rengîn” “Colorful Flag”, The colors of the flag – from top to bottom – are red, white, green and a yellow sun at the center has 21 rays, equal in size and shape. The Red color symbolizes Kurdistan martyrs, White for peace, the sun and its 21 arrays for Kurdish New Year (March 21) and source of Life, while the green stands for the beautiful nature of Kurdistan.