Shko Nawrlo, CEO of Petroserve

By Naz Baker

Back in 2007, I had the chance to study dentistry at a public university in Erbil, but instead, I opted to study BA and MA in Business and Management at UKH.

Mr. Shko Nawroly

At first, I was not certain if I had made the right decision to choose business and management over dentistry. However, after the first year, I thought, “Yes, I have made a good choice,” and even now, if I could go back in time,  would definitely choose UKH again. What UKH gave me was more than degrees and grades. It was a process of preparing us for greater good. We were taught critical thinking, debates, presentations, essays, academic writing, questioning, analysis, evaluation, and teamwork. I remember we had students from urban and very remote villages in Kurdistan, and we all learned from each other. For the first time, we had an independent, politically free, and elected student union body. I had the honour of being a public relations representative and president the year after. The leadership and teamwork we learned were just exemplary.

After graduating from UKH professionally, I had the liberty of choosing between high-profile government offices, international companies, and NGOs, as well as the biggest local companies. UKH had given me that free pass, that access code, and that password where I could unlock doors. In brief, I started working with the DFR and KRG as coordinators between the KRG and the Turkish Consulate General in Erbil. I had a very pleasant and challenging five years’ experience. In early October 2017, I received an offer I could not refuse. I became CEO of the largest local oil transportation and trading company in Kurdistan and Iraq. When I accepted the job, the chairman told me, I knew you would do it. I said, ‘How?’ He said you are a UKH graduate, and I can imagine your capabilities. I became CEO at the age of 29. After 5 years, I am still associated with the same group of companies, and I have two titles. I am CEO of Petroserve and the Director of Sales and Marketing of Four Bridges Company, a leading construction and investment company in Kurdistan and Iraq. 

*This article is brought to you in cooperation with the UKH Alumni Association.