Service Standards

We aim to ensure all our customers are informed about the library and the services and products it offers.  We do this by providing:

  • Induction sessions to library services to all new students within 4 weeks of starting their study programme
  • That customers are able to book an appointment for personal/group induction sessions on library services at any time
  • Product focused seminars are available upon request

We aim to ensure that all customers have access to the library for private study or to borrow material/s throughout the year.  We ensure this by:

  • Being open for at least 60 hours a week during mainstream teaching weeks
  • Being open for at least 35 hours a week outside mainstream teaching

We aim to ensure that students develop robust independent research skills which support their study, learning and acquisition of knowledge at the university and throughout their careers.  We do this by offering:

  • Information literacy skills and research methodology seminars for class groups in pre-booked sessions of the teaching weeks
  • Pre-booked one to one enquiry interviews for the production of papers and dissertations

We aim to ensure that students have access to relevant and current learning materials that support their programme of study.  This means that:

  • All students are able to borrow up to 5 items on ordinary loan in addition to any textbooks they may be required to borrow in their chosen subject
  • Materials, including books and a range of media support (i.e. internet, electronic databases) are always accessible to students during opening hours in order that they may research each assignment/paper/dissertation
  • All materials delivered to the library are available for loan within two months of receipt
  • When demand is high, a time sensitive reservation service is available
  • Library staff will consult with academic and teaching staff via the Library Advisory Committee on the provision of materials, products and services

We aim to provide a responsive and high quality information service to all our customers.  We do this by ensuring that:

  • A catalogue of learning materials is available on-line 24/7 and via two OPACs in the library
  • Items reported missing are investigated and the catalogue updated within two days of the report
  • All non-counter based renewals are actioned and answered within 2 working days
  • All unreserved ordinary loan items once through the returns process are available immediately
  • All materials returned are are-shelved within 24 hours
  • All issues and returns are accurately completed within 3 minutes of being served
  • All enquiries from students and staff are dealt with by trained staff
  • All copyright enquiries are replied to within 3 working days
  • Library staff respond to recommendations, suggestions and complaints within the University guidelines
  • The Library Advisory Committee (LAC) has representatives from key stakeholders of the university community on its Board.  The LAC acts as the forum through which academia and students are able to advise and monitor the delivery of services and products
  • The library will review its services and products at least annually

We aim to ensure that appropriate equipment is available.  We are currently able to provide:

  • A minimum of 45 open access computers with internet access will be available
  • A minimum of 150 study desks with electrical port access will be available
  • Photocopying, scanning and colour/black and white printing upon request and payment of a fee
  • Repair and/or replacement of faulty equipment, once reported, will be inspected by staff and referred to the relevant corporate business support unit for correction and an ‘Out of Order’ sign displayed

We aim to ensure that the University’s diversity policy is embedded within the service. We are doing this by providing:

  • Learning materials that are non-discriminatory and reflect cultural diversity
  • Courtesy and respect to all our customers; with the expectation that similar courtesy and respect is extended by customers and fellow staff to Library staff.