Donations – Library Summary Statement and Document

The Library welcomes donations – particularly those related to Kurdistan, the Middle East and other subject material relevant to the University curriculum

  1. In accepting donations, the Library will take into account:
    • its Collections’ Development Management Statement, online availability and the availability of the material in other local locations
    • the space (shelf) requirements demanded by the donation and any future maintenance requirements of both hard copy and online or electronic materials
  2. The Library will not accept donations of material which it already holds, except:
    • to replace existing copy/copies
    • in order to provide a reserve copy in the interests of conservation
    • to support current high demand, i.e. for teaching
  3. Donors should be aware that:
    • once materials are accepted they become the absolute and unconditional property of the Library and cannot be returned to the donor for any reason
    • in accepting material, the Library reserves the right to dispose of such material as it sees fit, by sale, gift or discarding it at some future point
    • the Library cannot accept material with caveats or restrictive conditions
  4. Donated material placed in the Library will be available to all Library users, and donors will have the same rights of access as other Library users
  5. Expressions of interest in donating material to the Library should be sent to the Director of Library
  6. All donations will be acknowledged by letter signed by the Director of Library
  7. Bequests will be treated as donations (gifts) unless prior arrangements have been made
  8. By vesting material in the Library the donor will be deemed to have accepted the conditions of the Donations Management Statement
  9. Details of the Library’s Procedures for Handling Donations can be provided, on request to the Director of Library
  10. The Library reserves the right to decline offers of materials