Copyright with Individual Usage Notice for Copying

The access to and use of all library resources is governed by national and international copyright laws and individual license agreements (which are binding legal contracts).

These define the specific terms of use and restrictions under which users can access a resource and under which the Library may make access available to its users, whether on or off-campus. All individual users must comply with the specific terms of use or license agreement for each particular resource. Users are individually responsible for their compliance with the terms and conditions of use.

Copyright laws govern the making of photocopies, all types of scanning (including by mobile phone) and other reproductions of copyrighted materials from books and music to photographs and e-resources. The Library is currently empowered to photocopy under certain clauses of the 1988 UK Copyright Designs and Patents Act. It can:

  • Use material where the copyright has expired
  • Photocopy material as defined by the ‘fair dealing’ clause (1% of item).

Library users must respect (follow) both national and international copyright laws. Violations of restrictions (such as mobile phone scanning) or any other terms of copyright and licensing usage as laid down by suppliers and copyright owner(s) is a grave offence. Offender’s need to be aware that they will suffer penalties which may range from the loss of Library access rights to expulsion from the University.

Misuse and disregard for terms and conditions of use puts at risk not only the University’s reputation, but the Library’s and all other UKH users continued access to research materials. Questions on specific terms and conditions may be addressed to [email protected] Please place the subject ‘Copyright Query’ in the heading.