The University of Kurdistan Hewlêr was established in 2006 by His Excellency Nechirvan Barzani. As the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Mr Barzani wanted to establish an educational institution that would contribute to the development of the Kurdistan Region by being abreast of the technological, economic, and political developments around the world, and with English being the medium of teaching and learning.

Mr. Nechirvan Barzani was sworn in as the President of the Kurdistan Region in June 2019, after having an illustrious career of service in the government. He served as the Prime Minister of the KRG’s eighth cabinet (2014-2019), seventh cabinet (2012–2014), fifth cabinet (2006–2009) and fourth cabinet (1999-2006), as well as serving as the Deputy Prime Minister of the third cabinet (1996-1999).

Nechirvan Barzani attended college in Tehran, studying politics and international relations; due to political and personal reasons, however he had to discontinue his studies at that time. In recognition of his achievements, he was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from Washington and Jefferson College in Pennsylvania, United States of America. He is fluent in Kurdish and Persian, and proficient in Arabic and English. Mr. Barzani is married and has five children.

Under his premiership, personal security, human rights, and political stability have been enhanced; notably over a dozen laws legislated to ensure women’s rights, freedom of the press and action to combat domestic violence. He also promotes religious and ethnic diversity, and coexistence.

Mr. Barzani proactively pursues a foreign policy based on enhancing regional and international cooperation to strengthen peace, stability, and development. During his tenure, more than thirty countries have opened official representation offices in the Kurdistan Region.

“I am pleased to see qualified youth who have graduated from this university. You will become the leaders of the future. You will be given the responsibility of leading and taking our country forward”
President Nechirvan Barzani
President Nechirvan Barzani
UKH Founder