From COP28 to UKH Campus


UKH Centre for Environmental Studies (CES) collaborates with KRG’s Environmental Protection Board, UNICEF, Regreening International Company, and Together to protect Human and Environment Association for an Environmental Conservation programme titled: “From Cop28 to UKH Campus.”

This event serves as a platform for the convergence of local and international experts, esteemed academics, and government officials.

UKH participants will also shed the light on our plans and upcoming projects related to the promotion of environmental protection and the university’s actions towards a greener campus.

Together, we will navigate the intricate challenges posed by climate change, scrutinize the outcomes of Cop 28, and delve into innovative solutions for sustainable environmental practices.

Join us to discuss how civil society organisations play a crucial role in raising awareness about climate change in communities.

From COP28 to UKH Campus - Copy



31 January, 2024 10:00 am


31 January, 2024 11:00 pm