Duolingo English Test

The Duolingo English Test is an online English test that can be taken online, on-demand, in under an hour for only $50 if purchased through UKH ($59 if booked through the Duolingo website). The test is taken online via a computer with a front-facing camera. The test includes a proficiency score, video interview, and writing.

sample, which are shared with the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr when you send your results. Certified results are available within 48 hours of the test session.

Skills tested: reading, writing, listening & speaking

Test Length: 1 hour

Fees: $50, if purchased through UKH ($59 if booked through the Duolingo website)

Test Venue:

  • This test is taken online at home
  • You need to have a computer, a quiet empty room and a good internet connection.

*Original and valid passport is required

*Duolingo also accepts a national photo ID in the local language of Iraq

Booking Procedure:

  1. $50 paid at RT Bank or pay online with credit card ($59).

Account name: UKH university

Account Number: 47524001

  1. Take the bank receipt to P1 Office at UKH, and our team will help you create a Duolingo account and book your test. If you wish to create an account at home, please visit the following website where you will also find a free practice test. Make sure that your Duolingo account name has exactly the same spelling as your passport, so your results can be verified by Duolingo. https://englishtest.duolingo.com/applicants
  2. You choose when and where to do the test, and results will be sent to your Duolingo account, within 3 days of taking the test.
  3. Please send your results to UKH, through your Duolingo account.

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Duolingo English Test