Bylaws of the UKH Alumni Association


This organization shall be known as the UKH Alumni Association.

The association will hold its meetings at least once a month and conduct its activities in UKH.



2.1 UKH Alumni Association shall be a community associated to UKH and no parts of its funds or property shall ever be used, expanded or conveyed for the personal or individual benefit of any member; nor shall any member ever have any right, title, claim or interest to any such funds or property by virtue of his/her membership.

2.2 The purposes for which the association is organized are to:
2.2.1 Develop and sponsor activities for the alumni/ae of the UKH.
2.2.2 Offer stimulating programs and activities to UKH alumni/ae, their families, friends, parents of students and others.
2.2.3 Provide a communications link between alumni/ae and UKH for a maximum flow of ideas, information and services; inform alumni/ae about UKH changing academic programs, residential environment, and extracurricular activities.
2.2.4 Encourage alumni/ae in financial support of UKH, participation in alumni/ae activities, and alumni/ae involvement in UKH related volunteer activities.
2.2.5 Cooperate with UKH recruiting students and promoting its reputation.
2.2.6 Conduct all its activities exclusively for educational purposes.


3.1 All alumni/ae are requested to complete a ‘Alumni Membership Registration Form’, to compile an updated alumni database.
3.2 The current free membership shall be restricted to alumni/ae, but will expand to parents of current students, spouses of deceased alumni/ae and affiliates of UKH.
3.3 Members of UKH Alumni Association are those who meet the criteria’s mentioned in Article 3.2 and pay any annual dues that are requested.
3.4 The annual membership fee rate shall be set from time to time by the committee members for UKH Alumni Association. As of now, there shall be no fees for alumni members.
3.5 Members will have an ID card that identifies them as UKH Alumni/ae. The ID would provide certified and traceable access to the University products and services. Members pay a fee to issue a new ID card.
3.6 An alumni ID card will provide members access to student services, such as: visiting UKH, renting a facility, booking a place for an event, accessing library resources, and attending events organized by the University. Additional privilege for alumni/ae includes discounts for external services.
3.7 Members may use their personal email. The UKH Alumni email can be given to all Alumnus that are interested to have it.
3.8 Any data collected from alumni resignation will remain property of UKH.


4.1 The affairs of the UKH Alumni Association shall be managed and controlled by members of a committee until further notice.
4.2 The members of the committee shall consist of up to twenty members, of which five will form the administrative unit and the others are the alumni counsel representatives.
4.3 The administrative unit of the committee shall consist of at least the Chair, Vice-Chair, Events and Programme, Treasurer, Membership, IT, and Alumni Counsel Representative.
4.4 The administrative unit shall meet at such times and places as designated by the Chair with at least one meeting a month. Decisions shall be made by a majority of those present.
4.5 The administrative unit shall elect Alumni Counsel Members.
4.6 The Alumni Counsel of the committee shall consist of a counsel representative and no less than five distinguished alumni/ae members who have shown a commitment to the UKH.


5.1 The Chair shall preside over all meetings and shall have such further duties as ordinarily pertain to the Chair of committee, including but not limited to:
5.1.1 Providing an agenda for the meetings. The meeting decisions require approval by the Chair.
5.1.2 Representing the Association in and at all functions and activities required by his/her committee.
5.1.4 The Vice-Chair shall preside and take over the duties of the Chair in his/her absence. Vice-Chair shall also organize meetings.
5.2 The Events & Programme member of administrative unit shall work closely with the representative overseeing Membership and the Treasurer in planning, advertising, and funding requirements for programs. He/she shall be in charge of all events and programs presented. Two social events will be held each year for UKH Alumni/ae.
5.3 The representative of Membership shall be responsible for updating alumni/ae records, maintaining contacts, and exchanging information. He/she shall work closely with the Events & Programme representative and the Treasurer in planning, advertising, and funding requirements for membership. A yearly check on alumni/ae status required to maintain updated records.
5.4 The Treasurer shall collect all contributions, keep updated funds record of the UKH Alumni Association, and shall be responsible for funds of the Association. Render periodic reports of the financial condition of the Association as directed. All funds of the Association shall be transferred into account designated by UKH Finance Department.
5.5 The Alumni Counsel purpose will be to supply advice to the administrative unit and to provide contacts that will enable the Alumni Association to effectively utilize resources. These members can be non-resident members.


6.1 The power to alter, amend, or restate the Bylaws shall be vested in the administrative committee for UKH Alumni Association with the approval of the Chair.
6.2 Notice of alteration, amendments, or restating the Bylaws shall be made within two weeks. Such notice shall also state the date, time, and location of the administrative unit at which such matters will be discussed and receive approval for.