Photography and Videography Club

4 months ago

Join us for a captivating journey into the world of visual storytelling, led by the esteemed Aso Karim, President of the Kurdistan Photo Organization and renowned author of two acclaimed books in photography .

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Trainer background:

Aso Karim is the president of the Kurdistan Photo Organization and has two books in the field called Dictionary of the Horizon of Photography and Candidate: New Ways for Street Photography, he holder of several international certificates in the field.

In this engaging club, Aso Karim will guide participants through the latest contemporary techniques in photography and videography. Whether you're an aspiring photographer, a keen videographer, or simply passionate about visual storytelling, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

Sessions will be conducted in Kurdish and English Language. We highly encourage those who are interested in participating to submit information outlining their level of experience and interests in the field via the registration form.

What you might expect to learn including how to:

- Create compelling visual stories by combining events and utilizing group media based on your abilities.

- Pursue your academic interests and find a clear path forward in the field.

- Find the best times to work with different types of media to create impactful visual stories.

Presented by: Aso Karim
Event Type: Outreach Program
Event Location: American Corner Erbil
Starting: 21 Jan 2024 03:30 pm
Ending:30 Jan 2024 05:00 pm