Artificial Intelligence: Its Impact on Future Workers and Business

1 year ago

In partnership with Wedo , ACE will be delivering a session titled "Artificial Intelligence: Its Impact on Future Workers and Business." This session aims to explore the transformative role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of jobs, labour economy, and business landscapes. The session will shed light on the potential benefits and challenges associated with the integration of AI technologies and provide industry-specific use cases. Additionally, a specific focus will be placed on discussing the future outlook of AI in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI).

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The following are the subtopics:

1. How AI impacts jobs and our labour economy

2. What AI can replace and what not?

3. Modern AI-based tools

4. How will AI change the future of jobs?

5. Industry Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence

6. What is the future outlook for AI in Iraq and KRI

Speaker Bio:

Shamal is a seasoned professional with a BSc in Software Engineering and over 14 years of experience in IT Solutions and Digital Transformation. He specializes in areas such as SAP Business One ERP implementation, Project Management, and diverse technology projects. Shamal is as a leader in Digital Transformation and has a strong entrepreneurial mindset, extensive business development experience, and a wide network.

Presented by: Shamal Sabah
Event Type: Outreach Program
Event Location: American Corner Erbil
Starting: 19 Jun 2023 03:15 pm
Ending:19 Jun 2023 05:30 pm