On the Ground: Working to Preserve and Protect Heritage in Kurdistan

12 months ago

On the Ground: Working to Preserve and Protect Heritage in Kurdistan

Are you interested in exploring heritage preservation in your local area and understanding the modern techniques to protect them? If so, American Corner Erbil in collaboration with the Antiquities Coalition Organization has arranged a session for Mr Peter Herdrich, who is the Co-founder of The Antiquities Coalition.

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The Antiquities Coalition is a non-profit organization based in Washington D.C. dedicated to fighting the illicit trade in ancient art and artifacts. Since its founding in 2014, the organization has been a proud partner with the U.S. Government and other governments around the world in the fight against cultural racketeering. We have worked in Kurdistan on a number of cultural preservation projects, including most recently, a two-year initiative funded by USAID on Preserving Cultural Heritage of Minority Groups in Iraq.

Peter Herdrich is the Co-founder and has directed preservation projects with multiple organizational partners in Kurdistan, especially on digitization, documentation, and access to collections and building digital infrastructure. With his colleagues, Helena Arose and Khora Nanno, he will discuss the successes, challenges, and lessons learned in their efforts to preserve and protect local heritage and the impact they have had from Sulaimani to Duhok.

Presented by: Peter Herdrich, Helena Arose, and Khora Nanno
Event Type: Outreach Program
Event Location: American Corner Erbil
Starting: 07 May 2023 06:15 pm
Ending:07 May 2023 07:30 pm