Women And Medicine

6 years ago

On Tuesday, March 6, 2018, the 3rd day of the International Women's Day Program under the theme"Women And Medicine "an interactive session was hosted which began with movie screening about successful women black women doctors in the United States . Afterwards Dr. Mark McVey presented the doctors and each of Dr. Sabah Goran, Dr. Shilan Kareem,Dr. Kamilya Boya and Dr. Sahar Masri introduced themselves to the attendees .After That The Panel discussion started and the ladies started talking about their inspiring stories and the struggles which they have faced in their ways of the success. They stated the difficulties of being a doctor and a woman who has many responsibilities in her community. They advised everyone to help their sisters, daughters and wives to study and being educated in order to be successful women in the future and to help people and serve her community in the best way.