2018 Fulbright Visiting Scholar is now open

7 years ago

The Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program for Iraq brings junior Iraqi scholars to U.S. institutions during the summer for 10 weeks of faculty development, mentoring, and cultural exchange activities. Participants will be introduced to new teaching and research methods, observe classes, attend seminars, and develop linkages with American faculty through weekly mentoring sessions. On-going community engagement with university-identified host families, volunteers, or others in the broader local community will facilitate the scholars’ participations in outreach activities, including visits to historical sites and attendance at cultural events. Please note that while an introduction to new research methods in the scholars’ disciplines does constitute one important component of the program, this program is not intended to provide a venue for individual research projects. Scholars can focus on one of the following fields of study: Business Administration, Economics, and Global Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Science and Technology, TEFL/Linguistics.

Program Dates: June 30 - September 8, 2018, for more information visit the link below: