Gun politics in the U.S.

3 years ago

A presentation on gun politics in the U.S. followed by a discussion with Mr Adam Lucente.
The presentation will cover
- The history of gun ownership in the U.S.
- The controversy of gun ownership and rights, and gun control legislation
- Discussing on some opinions on gun rights from local and international legislation

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About the Speaker:
About the speaker: Adam Lucente is a freelance journalist and English-language teacher based in Erbil. He has reported from across the Kurdistan Region, Iraq and Syria on conflict and human rights, and covered the battle of Mosul. He’s also worked as a journalist in the U.S., where he reported on and attended demonstrations in support of and against US President Donald Trump

Presented by: Adam Lucente
Event Type: Information about the USA
Event Location: American Corner Erbil
Starting: 15 Oct 2019 03:00 pm
Ending:15 Oct 2019 04:00 pm