Wine and Women - Art Exhibition

2 years ago

Although nothing in this life gives us certainty, free from doubt, we continue to define and choose things. Perseverance is part of the continuous process until things come into being. In this series of portraits, I have used several symbols to show the continuation of this continuity, a kind of search for the ultimate point of infinite change.

Change begins to manifest in the darkest of times. In those times within this darkness what changes acts as a beacon, guiding us back to ….

The women in this series of paintings continue to illuminate themselves. In the colors, they show that they continue to search in the darkness and seek change, in this search they find their lamp of the journey and explain themselves in it.

Presented by: Sonia Basheer
Event Type: Civic Engagement
Event Location: American Corner Erbil
Starting: 23 Jun 2022 10:00 am
Ending:23 Jun 2022 07:30 pm