Enterprise at UKH

A- Centre for Entrepreneurial and Business Incubation (CEBI)

This centre has been established and managed in partnership with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).


It is aimed to provide the necessary and initial support for innovators and entrepreneurs in developing their ideas into functioning businesses.  This is expected to include:

  1. Business proposals preparation.
  2. Initial steps for company formation to include issues of finance and management.
  3. Finding business partners and financial support for production.
  4. Legal and ethical issues related to intellectual property rights.
  5. Marketing and helping to make success stories.

The centre is open not only to the UKH family at large but also the Kurdistani community and beyond to include the whole of Iraq.

All entrepreneurs with business ideas that are innovative and science based, are welcome to discuss their ideas with our dedicated and specialised staff at the centre in full confidence.


In its firm belief that Kurdistani youth have nothing less than any of their counterparts in the developed world, University of Kurdistan Hawler (UKH) strives to motivate its beloved students to think. To think not only for their academic topics they study, but also in their daily lives to take their active and expected role in the socio-economic revitalisation and sustainable growth of their surroundings.

In the light of this, UKH has established a system by which all staff and students are supported to pursue their business ideas through establishment of small businesses that are born out of the UKH family and activities. The entire process is handled professionally and in accordance to international rules and regulations with regards to observing Intellectual Property Rights, Data Protection Act and Quality Assurance.

The University will support you on:

  1. Developing your viable idea into a business proposal that could attract funding.
  2. Seeking to secure financial support and funding for its implementation.
  3. Partnering with external organisations for the required support at different stages of the business.
  4. Providing relevant support and training to establish the idea into a small business and managing its function.

Next step:

Any candidate within UKH family (Management, administrative staff, Academics and Students) with business ideas should:

  1. Communicate with CEBI at. Email: [email protected]
  2. A meeting will be arranged with the Entrepreneur and all present will sign a consent form stating that the presented business idea will remain secure for its owner.
  3. The team will work on assessing the viability of the business idea and work with the entrepreneur in developing it if found viable.


B-Centre for Regional and International Studies(CRIS)

This centre aims to address current and critical issues that are directly related to Kurdistan Region of Iraq through the involvement of key national and international academics to assist science- based decision making.

In this process, the centre will attempt to secure research and activity funds as well as stimulating building human capacity and raising awareness on the need for the use of constructive and scientific principles in decisions that contribute to nation building. 

The centre will attempt to engage and attract respected and well-known researchers, academic organisations and “Think Tank” centres each based on their line of interest to contribute to specific tasks and challenges that are aimed to be addressed within this framework.


A number of key complementary activities that CRIS is aiming to focus on, should include (but not limited to):

  • Polling Reports: CRIS aims to approach respectable and professional organizations that analyse polling data and prepare in-depth reports. This will assist with CRIS’ efforts to understand the dynamic evolution of KRI’s public opinion and its various constituencies. CRIS intends to give respondents a voice by enabling them to speak for themselves, rather than relying exclusively on established media sources claiming to speak on behalf of the entire KRI civil society. Conducting such in-depth interviews and opinion polls provides citizens who do not usually have access to the media an opportunity to be heard and to express directly their opinions, concerns, needs, and hopes for the future.
  • Conferences and presentations: CRIS’ Conferences and Presentations Program aims to promote collaboration between researchers at UKH and their peers and colleagues both at home and abroad, by exposing researchers and students to new research directions, important academic findings, and innovative education methodologies. CRIS’ mandate covers activities such as convening of meetings of relevant experts to discuss matters of significance to the KRI’s national interests. It also provides excellent opportunities for faculty and students to expand and diversify their research areas and individual projects.  The proposed annual conference is planned to be in May 2017. 
  • Publications: CRIS seeks to reach out to the wider public and to its partners by maintaining a publishing a quarterly academic journal, and issuing regularly in various hardcopy and online formats.