Planning and Monitoring Research Activities

Planning for research at UKH is conducted on an annual basis, as an integral part of academic activities planning, monitoring and assessment.

Within this framework, each academic is expected to agree with their line managers, building on their activities and achievements of their past academic year, they state their expected activities including:

  1. Possible research publications (detailed expected titles) and targeted journals.
  2. Possible research grants applications for research.
  3. Postgraduate supervision details.
  4. Module revision, development and delivery.
  5. External contacts.

In essence, each member of the academic force is obliged to state in detail their plan on how and with what, they aim to contribute to the vision and the mission of the university.  The process is mainly a bilateral agreement between the academic and UKH in which academics can and need to state their requirements for being able to achieve their stated targets.  Once approved and agreed by the line manager and the individual academic, the agreed details will be stored in a database that has been prepared for that purpose.


Each of the academic, the Line Manager, The Pro Vice Chancellor – Academic and Research and The Vice Chancellor will have access to the stored information for continuous monitoring and referencing.

It is also planned that bi-annual meetings between the academic and the line manager will take place to review progress and resolve any obstacles that may have caused a delay in achieving set milestones.