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Pearson – Versant English Placement Test

  فڵایەر بە کوردی

1.    What is this test?

Pearson – Versant English Placement Test (VEPT) is an online English language placement test, which evaluates your English language level. The test takes approximately 50 minutes to be completed, and the test can be taken at any time, from any location, through a computer with a stable internet connection. The results will be available directly to UKH.

2.    An overview of the test

· Test Format:

The test is divided into 9 parts:

Part A: Read Aloud

In this part, the test takers are required to read two short passages aloud (between 60 to 70 words), and for each passage test takers have 30 seconds to read them aloud.

Part B: Repeats

In this part, the test takers are required to repeat exactly what they hear from their headset. The sentences are between 3 to 15 words. The audio plays only once.

Part C: Sentence builds

In this part, the test takers will hear three phrases, and they are required to rearrange them into a sentence.  The test takers will hear the phrases in a random order, and they are required to say the phrases in a correct sentence order.

Part D: Conversations

In this part, the test takers will hear a conversation between two speakers and after the conversations end, they are required to answer a question regarding the conversation. Test takers are required to say a word or a short phrase to answer these questions.


Part E: Typing

In this part, the test takers are required to type up a passage (between 90 to 100 words) accurately and quickly. The computer will display a text, and the test takers have 60 seconds to type the passage exactly as it appears.

Part F: Sentence completion

In this part, the test takers are required to complete a sentence with an appropriate word. The sentences are between 5 and 25 words. Test takers have 25 seconds to complete each item.         


Part G: Dictation

 In this part, the test takers will hear a sentence, and they are required to type it exactly as they hear it. The sentences are between 3 to 14 words. Test takers have 25 seconds to complete each item. The audio plays only once.


Part H: Passage Reconstruction

In this part, a short passage is displayed for 30 seconds, and then the passage will disappear, and the test takers are required to write about the passage in 90 seconds. Test takers need to reconstruct the passage accurately in writing and mentioning all the aspects of the passage. It is not important to use the original words, but the meaning must be the same.

Part I: Summary & Opinion

 In this part, the test takers have 18 minutes to read a passage, write a summary of the author’s opinion in 25 to 50 words, and also write about their own opinion about the topic of the passage in at least 50 words.

· Score Report:

The VEPT score report consists of an overall score and four skill scores (Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing) all on the scale from 20 to 80. The test is scored automatically, and UKH registry will receive these score reports after the exam is finished.

Overall score: the overall score represents the test taker’s ability to understand spoken and written English language. The score is based on the weighted combination of the four skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing).  The scores are represented in the range from 20 to 80.

Speaking Score: the score represents the test taker’s ability to produce consonants, vowels, and stress in a native-like manner, accurate and appropriate usage of words in meaningful sentence structures, as well as use appropriate rhythm, phrasing, and timing.

Listening Score: the score represents the test taker’s ability to understand specific details and main ideas from everyday English speech.

Reading Score: the score represents the test taker’s ability to understand written English texts on everyday topics.

Writing Score: the score represents the test taker’s ability to produce written English texts on everyday topics. It is based on the ability to present ideas and information in a clear and logical sequence, use a wide range of appropriate words as well as a variety of sentence structures.


General tips for answering the Pearson – Versant English Placement Test  questions

  • Try to listen very carefully to each question and answer it when the computer asks you to answer.
  • Try to speak clearly and loudly enough.
  • Remember that the scoring is based on your language ability (sentence mastery, vocabulary, fluency, and pronunciation); therefore, try to practice your English language as much as possible before taking the test. For more information, please visit the

3.    Important tips for the test

  • Choose a quiet testing environment. Please avoid these places: a place where there are other people, a place that echoes and a place where there is a background noise.
  • Use a good headset with a built-in microphone. Please keep the microphone 3-5 cm away from your mouth and try not to touch the microphone while answering the questions.
  • Speak in a natural way. Try to speak at a normal conversational speed and      volume, as it is very important to speak naturally, like you are talking to another person. Please avoid speaking too loudly, too quietly, too slowly, too fast and avoid repeating yourself.

4.    Useful links


Application Procedure

  1. All applicants can pay directly to the bank – KIB or RT Bank (bank details are below).  UKH will not be accepting any applicant to pay on campus.  
  2. Payment should be made in US Dollars and the net amount of the Versant fee is $50. Any bank charges shall be paid separately by the applicant.
  3. Once payment has been made, the bank will give a CREDIT NOTE to the payer.  Note that the credit note should state the FULL NAME of the APPLICANT.
  4. The payer (applicant) sends an email to UKH at [email protected] and attach a scanned copy or a clear picture of the credit note.  The applicant should state in the email their Full Name and their Email Address (same as account in the UKH Admission Portal) and attach an id photo (screenshot from webcam, or tablet/phone camera). For easy access and verification, please make sure that the id photo that you will submit is the most recent one to avoid errors from the system when comparing the image of the test taker. 
  5. UKH will then process the account of the applicant with Pearson – Versant English Placement Test and an email will be sent to the applicant stating that he/she is now able to take the exam. Kindly take note of your Test Taker ID.
  6. Once the applicant has completed the test, he/she should send an email to [email protected] , stating again Full Name and Email Address.
  7. A confirmation email will be sent by the Registry as soon as we have verified the scores in Pearson – Versant English PlacementTest.


Note: Only students with Pearson – Versant English Placement Test scoresheet (or IELTS / TOEFL) may be considered for the Foundation Programme.    

UKH Bank Details


Kurdistan International Bank ( KIB)

UKH bank a/c No  1002722

Account Name: University of Kurdistan Hewler


Main Branch : Gulan Street adjacent to RT bank  Phone number 0662112001,0552112002-3-4

Peshawa Branch:  Opposite to Chwarchra hotel located between 30 M street and 60 M street KIB Offices are available in Family Mall, Majidi Mall and Ainkawa Mall each office can receive and pay money.

Sulaymania Branch Address : Salim Street, Opposite to Qasir Al-Wali, Phone Number 0662112011, 0662112012   working hours 9:00 am- 2.30 pm

Dohuk Branch Address :  Shandokha, Close to WAR TV,  Phone Number 0662112009, 0662112010 . working hours the same as above.

Baghdad Barnch : phone Number 07704847406, 07730882084

No KIB branch in Kirkuk.


RT Bank

Account name : UKH University

Account Number : 0203/0047524/002/2516/000 USD


Main Branch: Gulan Street adjacent to KIB bank    phone number 0662110010 mobile 07507779777

RT bank office  is available in Tablu Mall close to Erbil Int. stadium .

Dohuk Branch Address:  11 September, Old Korek Street. Phone Number 0750 901 2221

Sulaymania Branch Address: Mawlawi Street, Social security Building. Phone Number 07716514444  

Kirkuk Branch Address :  Opposite to Children Hospital . Phone number 07711552800

Baghdad Branch Phone number 07733779777.