Postgraduate Diploma in Petroleum Engineering

One year $5,000 per academic year


The Post Graduate Diploma in Petroleum Engineering is a new study programme that is designed mainly for field engineers and early to mid-level professionals. The programme aims to equip participants with advanced knowledge, tools, techniques, and procedures in the petroleum industry. As the backbone of the regional economy, the petroleum sector plays a pivotal role in generating revenue and providing livelihoods to a large population. It is essential for the nation's overall well-being and continues to expand, demanding a growing number of experts across various stages, from planning to production and transportation. Recognising the challenges faced by professionals in the field, who often struggle to find time for a full-fledged higher education course, this one-year programme offers a flexible and practical learning experience. It addresses the need to enhance the capacity of field engineers and early to mid-level professionals by providing them with the latest knowledge and skills. The programme also caters to the needs of applicants who may not meet the eligibility requirements for starting the MSc. Programme due to lower averages. Upon successfully completing the Post Graduate Diploma, graduates will qualify to pursue their MSc. Studies in Petroleum Engineering, opening new opportunities for career advancement.  

Admission Requirements

  • Undergraduate Degree: Minimum undergraduate average of 50%
  • English Language Proficiency: Minimum English Language requirement is 50 in PTE – 6.0 in IELTS -74 in TOEFL iBT or 105 in Duolingo.
  • Equalised transcript is required for students who have graduated from international institutions.
  • Note! Applicants dismissed for any reason from any university, school or college will not be considered.

  • Application Form: Online application form is required.
  • Official Transcripts: Provide a copy of your undergraduate transcript with your application.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Two recommendation letters are required to be submitted with your application, preferably one of which will be from a university academic.
  • A copy of your passport and national ID.
  • One passport size photo.


The teaching list includes Applied Reservoir Engineering, Applied Production Engineering, Applied Drilling Engineering, Petroleum Geoscience, Oil and Gas Well Testing, Reservoir Modelling and Simulation, Petroleum Economics and Contracts, Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE), and Interdisciplinary Project.

Skills Development

By enrolling in this programme, students gain access to comprehensive applied knowledge that prepares them to work with confidence, expertise, and efficiency in the petroleum industry. They will be equipped with the necessary skills to harness precious resources in a sustainable, and environmentally friendly manner. The university provides access to several labs where the student can conduct experiments and design and implement computer system-based problems.

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