Continuing Education

The University of Kurdistan Hewlêr as one of the most prestigious academic centres in Kurdistan Regions of Iraq offers Bespoke and off-the-peg workshops and seminars for a variety of audiences and purposes by drawing upon a wealth of its academic specializations and expertise and its unique position within the regional political and the strategic establishments. These include government entities, NGOs, international companies, military organizations and any other public or private entities requiring expertise in the fields of politics, international relations, sociology, constitution, security, Risk Analysis, immigration and Human Rights.

Type of Courses

The University of Kurdistan offers hourly or one or two-day classes on specific topics aimed at brings you the comprehensive and up-to-date training on selected topics by lecturers who are authoritative experts in their fields of study.  Some courses are also offered in collaboration with other external experts and organization in order to provide a rich academic environment experience that is meant to cover all intellectual aspects of the course topic.


Day-long seminars and workshops take place both on-campus of on-site on weekdays from 9:45 to 16:00. If on-campus education is selected, tea and coffee are also provided together with access to the university canteen for lunch.


Current course frameworks are as below:


  1. Hourly or single-day seminars and workshops on selected topics both on UKH campus or on client site.
  2. Extended training and development projects with multiple sessions both on the UKH campus or on site
  3. Online audio-visual and textual training material



To download the complete list of courses with their module descriptor click (here)