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PhD in Economics


The PhD in Economics is an academic programme mainly designed for masters’ holders already working in higher education. This programme is a five-year programme with a minimum period of three years. The first year consists of one semester teaching of 60 credits, followed by 2-3 years of thesis writing worth 180 credits (80000 words). The student will take four advanced modules within subject matter areas of economics. In the second year of the programme and upon the successful completion of the modules, the student will work on publishing two papers in a reputable journal (UKH standards) after being assigned to a supervisor. One of the two papers can be published jointly with the supervisor. Based on the student’s achievement in the second year accompanied with an extensive report by the supervisor regarding the student’s progress, the student will start writing the thesis after presenting it in a seminar.


The student needs to score no less than 70% in each of the eight modules in order to successfully pass the first year. Each module will consist of diversified assessment modes of mainly 60% coursework, and 40% final exam. The 60% course work will normally comprise of a 20% book summary and presentation, 20% latest subject matter papers, and 20% mini empirical project.

Tuition Fee

$6000 USD per academic year.

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