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The Master of Arts (MA) in Business and Management is a 180 credit academic programme that aims at equipping students with the latest theories and best practices in management decision areas. The programme is designed for those applicants with a background in Business and Management who would like to specialise in research, teaching and consulting in Business Management. The applicant should be holding a BA or BSc in Business Management studies or any related field that has no less than 60% of courses reflected in the sought degree. The minimum average mark accepted from undergraduate studies is 60%.


The programme is undertaken over two years. The first year is course work split into two semesters. In each semester students will study four 3-hour modules, usually from 4.30pm to 7.30pm, Sunday to Wednesday. In the second year of study students undertake a research thesis of around 20,000 words.


Evaluation methods and assessment strategies are not necessarily different with existing methods of the University. However, each course specifics will be highlighted in the module descriptors. While the minimum pass mark for each module is 60%, it is important to understand that the overall average for both semester (8 modules) is 70%. Students will not be allowed to enter the second year of the programme if a minimum average of 70% is not achieved.

Admission Criteria

1.     Minimum undergraduate average of 60%  

Note:  Equalized transcript is required for students who have graduated from international institutions.

2.     Obtained a bachelor degree in Business and/or Management or related field of study.

3.     Minimum English Language requirement is 50 in PTE 50 in Versant or 6 in IELTS or 74 in ibt-TOEFL. 

4.     Personal Statement - Essay format with a minimum number of 300 words.

5.     2 Recommendation Letters

6.     Interview

Note: Conditional Offer may be given to applicants who submit an equivalent score of 50 PTE and above by taking the Versant English Placemnet Test from Pearson.

50 Versant score is equivalent to 50 PTE

Note: For AY 2020-21 applications, please email [email protected] or visit UKH's Registry Office.

Tuition Fee

$4,500 per programme

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