Kurdistan Business School

Management and Marketing

MA in Business and Management


The MA Business and Management programme is designed to educate graduates to a high level of professional expertise. It is expected that graduates will occupy leadership roles in the challenging arena of Business and Management, and may be employed by government, diplomatic corps, civil service, non-governmental organisations, multinational corporations, education and media.


The minimum period of full-time study is 18 months (3 semesters) and the maximum period is 24 months (4 semesters). The Ministry of Higher Education of the Kurdistan Region does not recognise Master's Awards that are not in the same major as the undergraduate degree. Students need to sign an agreement on this at registration. Assessment is usually by coursework, accompanied by a 20,000 word dissertation. Candidates who pass all taught courses but do not submit a dissertation may be awarded a PG diploma. The first year of the MA programme consists of 8 modules. The second year involves the completion of a substantial piece of research and writing of a dissertation.

Skills Development

You will be able to acquire different skills as well as necessary knowledge and abilities to attain your degree successfully. Analytical skills are very much necessary in case analysis, and interpretation of phenomena and data in Business and Management. You will be able to apply theories and learn how to develop practical solutions to 'real world' issues. The skills, knowledge and abilities you develop in subject matter areas will enable you to critically analyse any business and/or managerial phenomenon while you write your dissertation at the final stage.


The structure of the programme has been created with specific progression in mind and the assessment methods are designed both to reflect and support this aim. Students are assessed via a wide range of methods in order to ensure the development of an extensive range of abilities and skills over the duration of the programme. These methods include time constrained assessments, management reports, case studies, group activities, presentations and a dissertation.

Tuition Fee

4500 USD per programme