Kurdistan Business School

Accounting and Finance

BSc in Accounting


The BSc in Accounting degree is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in any Accounting and Finance position in business, government and social enterprises in Kurdistan Region and around the world.  It is positioned to meet accounting and finance needs of increasing industrialization and development in Kurdistan.  Bachelor of Science in accounting is consistent with the University mission of educating and training young talents to become the driving force for sustainable development, improving the standard of living and leading intellectual life in Kurdistan region in particular and in Iraq in general. In order to sustain the increasing and expanding industrialization of the Middle East, it is necessary to train Accountants that will occupy the driving force in these International Corporate bodies.


BSc Accounting is a four year Program structured for a maximum of 480 credits, made up of 60 credits per semester.  Contact hours are designed to in such a way to instill learning and practical applications that are relevant to the needs of both Local and International organisations/companies.  Taught elements will include, among others, Tutorials, Presentations, Group projects work, Assignments, case study analyses, simulation, and video.

Skills Development

Apart from the taught design, a Placement/Attachment necessary to acquire industrial experience is also incorporated into the programme at Year 3 so as to ensure acquisition of necessary skills and training expected of modern Accountants. These experience will help students to prepare financial statements, analyse and interpret same for Business and Economic decisions. 


The assessment for BSc in Accounting is Progressive and Continuous in order to ensure that each student is given the opportunity to succeed while quality is assured.  These progressive and continuous assessment regime is designed to follow this pattern: Assignments; Class quiz; Mid-Term Exam; and Final Exam.

Tuition Fee

2500 USD per academic year