Kurdistan Business School

Management and Marketing

BSc in Marketing


The BSc in Marketing will provide the students with analytical and comprehensive understanding of marketing.  Students will be able to generate, analyse, interpret and present marketing information that firms and other organisations in Kurdistan Region and the world need to satisfy and keep customers through the development of innovative products and services, which build brand equity and provide excellent return on investment.  Graduating students will be able to use a wide range of practical and up-to-date marketing tool and techniques.  They will be able to utilise information and knowledge to support innovation in a wide range of organisations including business, not-for-profit organisations and government entities.


BSc in Marketing is a four year Program structured for a maximum of 480 credits, made up of 60 credits per semester.  Contact hours are designed to promote learning and practical applications that are relevant to the needs of both Local and International organisations/companies.  Taught elements will include, among others, Tutorials, Presentations, Group projects work, Assignments, case study analyses, simulation, and video.

Skills Development

An important element of all undergraduate programs at Business School is Placement.  One of the fundamental objectives of the work placement is to forge a lasting relationships, cooperation and partnership with industries through career-related requirements.  It is anticipated that this arrangement will expose students to practical and real life situations.  Placement will give the students the opportunity of relating theories learned in their various classes to reality.  Placement is normally scheduled for semester two of year three.  The experience obtained from placement will enable the students to develop analytical abilities and essential managerial skills such as team working, leadership, negation and conflict management as well as effective communications. Data interpretation abilities can also be developed through Research Methods which is offered in semester one of year three and with all of this, students can be rest assured of having acquired sufficient skills and experience for a challenging assignments at workplaces.


The assessment for Marketing program has been created with the specific progression that will ensure excellent achievements of the students. Students enrolled on this program are assessed via a wide range of methods such as reports preparations and writing in Marketing field, case study analyses and presentation, quizzes, examinations and a dissertation.

Tuition Fee

2500 USD per academic year