School of Social Sciences

English Language Centre (ELC)

General Foundation Programme


The Foundation Programme is designed to provide students with the academic language, behaviour and skills required to be able to pursue further studies in Higher Education.


We offer two different programmes: one at an elementary level (A2 on the Common European Framework of Reference), which is then followed by a pre-intermediate level (B1 level). The B1 level programme includes exam preparation for the Pearson Test of English (Academic) and maths modules. Each programme is full time and lasts for 28 weeks.

The teaching material covers both the social sciences and natural sciences in order to give students a broader exposure to academic material and prepare them for the PTE, which is part of the university's undergraduate admissions requirements.


Each programme covers academic reading, academic writing and academic listening and speaking. The higher level B1 programme also includes PTE preparation modules and maths.

Academic Reading

The reading modules are designed to strengthen the students' reading skills through developing reading strategies to allow learners to be able to unpack texts in order to understand them in depth and move beyond a superficial understanding.

Academic Writing

The aim of the writing modules is to develop the learners' ability to write paragraphs and essays using basic elements of cohesion and coherence by following the writing process. Students will begin by learning sentence structure and progress to paragraph and essay structure. The B1 programme will cover different types of essays, which will help students' writing skills in their undergraduate programme. Academic honesty will be covered as well as how to comply with UKH's rules on this by developing learners' referencing skills.

Academic Speaking and Listening

The modules are designed to build upon the students' existing skills and introduce them to the academic skills required for participating in class, tutorials and lectures. Presentation skills will be developed by the students researching and presenting on a topic related to core themes of the units studied. The speaking and listening skills required for the PTE will also be extensively covered in the B1 programme.

PTE Preparation
The aim of these modules is to prepare students for taking the Pearson Test of English (Academic) at the end of semester 2 of the B1 programme. The course will prepare students through familiarisation with task types, teaching test strategies, encouraging vocabulary expansion and provision of multiple practice activities with feedback.

Skills Development

As well as developing students' language competencies, the Foundation Programme also targets other essential skills and behaviour. These include collaboration skills, communication skills, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, time management and study skills.


Students complete coursework, quizzes, presentations and final exams. At the end of the B1 programme, students will need to take a PTE (Academic) exam and achieve the minimum score required for entry into their chosen programme. Students who do not achieve the required minimum language score will not be able to progress into an undergraduate programme.

Tuition Fee

$1000 per academic year.