(Mosul Operation: Latest Development) Seminar by Mr. Hemin Hawrami

About 2 years ago

UKH Center for Regional and International Studies holds a seminar (Mosul Operation: Latest Development) for Mr. Hemin Hawrami, Head of KDP Foreign Relations at UKH. The latest development in the Mosul operation was presented then debated. The theme of the seminar was the situation on the military front, specifically the successful coordination between the Iraqi Federal Government and the KRG and coalition forces, the humanitarian cost of the operation and the role and interests of the regional and international actors. Mr. Hawrami stressed the need for political consensus among all components of Iraq after the Mosul operation. Divisions across ethnic and sectarian lines and a lack of competent political actors have prevented the emergence of a unified political structure in Iraq. This demonstrates that the problems in Iraq are more political than military. He presented statistical evidence that shows a strong correlation between political inclusiveness and number of security incidents in Mosul since the collapse of the Saddam Regime in 2013. In addition, he highlighted ISIS’s short and long term strategy in the region and KRG’s preparation, along with the Iraqi Federal Government, to counter it. The regional and international power’s strategy for the aftermath of the operation were the final part of the Seminar. The Seminar ended with challenging questions and comments from the audience.

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