Seminar by Rebeen Pasha at UKH

3 years ago

UKH was glad to host and partner with Social Development Horizon?s Middle East young Entrepreneurs Dream (MyeDream). The Kurdish American social entrepreneur and founder of MyeDream, Rebeen Pasha, had a talk with UKH community this morning.
The talk and the presentation focused on entrepreneurship, the challenges of disengagement of youth from the state and economy, and innovative approaches to rebuild societies through public-private partnerships. Majority of the university academic board and members of the university community attended the events. MyeDream is a new vision, comprehensive approach, public-private partnership, and incubator to leapfrog economic growth in the Middle East through entrepreneurship and investing in youth. It focuses on 3 dimensions approach (ye)3D? of Entrepreneurs? Dreams, Dialogue, and Development inspiring a collective vision for sustainable development, and a new generation of leaders and businesses advancing their communities, the region, and the world.
Pasha hopes that, through MyeDream, entrepreneurs will be guided to pursue ideas that could ?allow this place to fulfill its full potential? and solve many of the regional problems through innovative means beyond just technology, such as agriculture, supply chains and the services industry, and especially engage women and people from all backgrounds. ?Working together rebuilds society,? Pasha says. ?This is a global best practice we can do in Kurdistan as well.?
About the speaker:
Rebeen Dilshad Pasha is an American Kurd from Sulaimani, a social entrepreneur, and international development practitioner and expert. He is the founder of Social Development Horizons and the MYE Dream initiative, as well as co-founder and chair of the Kurdish American Relations Center and the American Friends of Kurdistan. Prior to dedicating his time to youth engagement and entrepreneurship, he was Senior Advisor and Health Team Lead for USAID Middle East Bureau in Washington DC. Rebeen has worked with the United Nations in Iraq, contributing to the UN Development Assistance Framework, US Peace Corps, as Chief of Operations for Office of Global Health, and several non-governmental organizations across 34 countries in public private partnerships, youth development, and health systems. He has his bachelors from the University of Virginia and a Master?s of Science in (Health) Policy.

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