Healthcare Systems in Iraqi Kurdistan and US

5 months ago

University of Kurdistan Hewlêr's Career Development Centre (UKH CDC) organized a seminar for students in the School of Medicine to highlight, compare and discuss the differences between health care systems in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the United States of America. Academic Staff and Students from different levels of the school attended the seminar which was presented by Dr. Rebin Zikhani.

CDC believes such sessions are important to help students understand what’s next for them in their career path.

The Centre offers career and professional development workshops, seminars, and programmes to guide students to discover their career path that interests them.


Brief Biography of the Speaker: 

A physician and Healthcare Administrator (MD, MHSA, FACHE), Dr. Rebin holds Bachelor of Medicine and General Surgery from College of Medicine-Hawler Medical University, Master of Health Service Administration from Marywood University, PA, USA, and is board certified in Healthcare Management by American College of Healthcare Executives, IL, USA, with 10 years of experience in management and administration and has numerous blogs and publications in different areas of healthcare administration. Dr. Ahmed is serving the 2020-2021 term as a member of the International Liaisons Committee of American College of Healthcare Executives). 

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