UKH and IfPO Discuss Expansion of Joint Project

8 months ago

UKH and IfPO Discuss Expansion of Joint Project

Head of Institut Francais du Proche-Orient in Erbil (IfPO), Dr. Barbara Couturaud visited the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) on Tuesday 23 February 2021. The aim of the visit is to reflect upon the joint ongoing project between UKH’s School of Science and Engineering and IfPO which comprises of bi-monthly webinars focusing on History, Archaeology, Arts and Architecture.

The meeting shed light on the shared experience and underlined the best practices. It also provided a venue to think about the future of the cooperation between UKH and IfPO. A number of ideas such as expansion of the domain of coverage beyond the current range, more focus on history and increasing the number of organizing partners were considered.

At one point, the concept of a journal for the participants and their presented ideas was discussed and a number of suggestions were considered. It was finally decided to work on these initial ideas and meet again in May to decide on the next stage.

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