Awareness Session on Sexual Exploitation, Harassment, and Abuse

6 months ago

Awareness Session on Sexual Exploitation, Harassment, and Abuse

On Wednesday 26 February 2020, University of Kurdistan hosted SEED Foundation's Outreach Program on “Sexual Exploitation, Harassment & Abuse”

The definition of sexual exploitation, harassment, and abuse and the scope of the issue, including the various contexts they take place in (school, work, online, etc.) were discussed as well as actionable steps young women can take to lower the risk of sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment, including social media safety tips.

Our students and staff were addressed in details with ways in which family and friends can support victims, fighting stigma and shame and potential resources for victims.

Additionally, detailed information to support male victims was shared to deter men from being potential perpetrators, and ways for men to be allies against sexual exploitation, harassment, and abuse.

The session was attended by Melanie Smart, Acting Consul General of United Kingdom in Erbil, along with our students, staff and faculty members

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